Thursday, February 2, 2012

Web Light Symphonies

 . . . and yet, for those with eyes to see, her Web is everywhere, and she will offer wisdom with a still, small voice, carried in the breath of the wind.
--Threads of the SpiderWoman blog, 01.01.12

One of the things best-loved by the soul is beauty. Here is an example of a soul enraptured by it, written by my friend Gael Amend:

I was looking out the window at the sunlight along a single spider web strand. The web strand was in a tree connecting one branch to another. This web strand was swaying in the breeze and a bead of light was moving up and down it. This was seemingly random: some beads of light were wider, while others were a pinpoint. I was mesmerized and thought, "what if this web strand, sun light and breeze were like instruments, and these instruments all came together to play a beautiful melody?" I wondered for what ears was it playing and whose ears could hear is marvelous symphony? Maybe it can be heard, silently, into our souls, into our hearts and out into the universe.

May your soul be immersed in the beauty of the moment, today.

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