Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Quote of the Day

                                                                    Incantation, 1992

Nothing is more cheerful than the urge to commit art.
--Garrison Keillor

On the days when I take the time to paint at my easel, to cut and paste a collage at my work table or to wander about with my camera being amazed by the beauty and variety of the world, I am so happy! The same is true if I'm exploring a new recipe with ingredients that are strange to me -- what a wonderful alchemical laboratory the kitchen becomes! Time, as José Argüelles says, is not money -- it's art! Even the words we speak or write can be crafted with a reverence for connection, honoring and clarity; for  honesty, compassion and upliftment. Whatever your tasks, today, whatever your needs, let loose the urge to commit art into them, and see what results; what amazing thing is birthed, right out of the center of your being. I wish you a day filled with good cheer!

Signs of Life:
For a heartwarming story and a demonstration of how good cheer works, go to
                                                                Birth of Horus, 1992

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