Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012: Birthing the New Year

 Sterile Technique: Welcome To The World, Child Of My Heart, 2008 

The collages that accompany today’s post grew out of the experiences of a pregnant woman in one of my dream groups, who dreamed that she was strapped on a metal conveyance that ran on a track inside a huge industrial building. Helplessly, her arms strapped to her sides, she was submitted to mechanical and invasive procedures. The nightmare was so disturbing that she awoke shaken, unable to forget the terrifyingly soulless powers that had stolen her rightful liberty and enforced such misery and humiliation.

As we worked the dream, it became clear that the birth of her first child had been a waking nightmare. It took place in a hospital where she was treated like a slab of meat and her wishes for this precious event were ignored. Clearly, the dream demonstrated her feelings about repeating such a demeaning experience, with her second delivery. Working together, the women of the group helped validate this woman’s need to give birth in circumstances that were supportive, intimate and loving. In the end, she delivered at home, with the help of a midwife and with her husband and first child present.

 Delivery Channel With Screw Gears:Welcome To The World, 
Child of My Heart, 2008

This story demonstrates the responsibility each of us has, to ourselves and to the New Year, to create the optimum environment for the fresh new energies about to be birthed. A New Year is arriving, tonight. Like any newborn, it is tender and innocent; untrammeled by the weary ways of the world; not yet subject to the fears promulgated by the Powers That Were. Even the most world-weary and cynical among us must surely be touched by the hope and promise of what is birthed, tonight: a fresh start, a new beginning, a clean slate.

There are many things each of us can do to insure that the New Year’s Baby is kindly treated and lovingly nurtured. In the secret recesses of our hearts, we know what we are doing to disrupt the tranquil energies, to malnourish the new, and to demean the intimate. Like responsible parents who must make sacrifices for the best and highest good of all, we, too, can turn a new leaf, resolve and follow through, promote love despite the cost.

May this New Year, 2012, receive the most loving and responsible parenting from us all. May we exert ourselves in its behalf. May we love it into growth and fullness. And in the process, may each of us grow and blossom, in return.

Blessings of parenthood to you all and the happiest of New Years, filled with abundance and wonderful surprises!

                Welcome To The Tribe, Child of My Heart, 2008

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