Friday, November 25, 2011

First Cup of Coffee, Post-Thanksgiving Morning

Thanksgiving’s here; we are excited.
The stack of cookbooks grows;
We want our guests delighted.
The grocery list’s extensive
And I have a hunch
The money we will spend on it
Would last us half the month.
We cook for seven hours straight.
The air smells just delicious,
And I wash every pot and plate
As we prep our meal nutritious.
I set the table with linens French,
With candles and with berries.
Most years, except in a pinch
Our guest list never varies.
We greet them with good cheer;
Try to keep conversation going;
Then begin to eat without a word
Our silence mostly owing
To a certain guest and his cats
With whose antics he regales us
From soup to nuts and after that,
With coffee. Despite the fuss
Of dirty dishes and empty bottles
His cat tales go on and on.
It’s a wonder no one throttles
Him. He gives me three words and a look
When I bring up my best-selling book.
The animals look on, woebegone,
Hopeful for a bone
While we begin to hope
Everyone will just go home.
I’ll wash the tablecloth tomorrow noon.
One last walk with Rover.
I say with gratitude, beneath the moon,
Thank God Thanksgiving’s over!

Addendum, after a second cup of coffee and a shower:

By dawn’s first light I entertain a thought suspicious:
Despite the work, despite the cats,
The whole day was delicious!
Although the strain and the cost were frightful,
The entire day, from stem to stern,
Was completely delightful!
And so, my final thought on this is,
Without a doubt,
Since all the cookbooks are out,
We may as well plan Christmas.

With apologies to our actual guests, who really are delightful! 
At noon, instead of washing the tablecloth, I'll be making turkey sandwiches on Kaiser rolls, with sprouts, avocado, salted sunflower seeds, cranberry sauce and cream cheese. I hope your post-Thanksgiving day is a fine one, despite my limping verse.

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