Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quote of the Day

When the bee comes to your house, let her have beer; you may want to visit the bee's house some day.  ~Congo Proverb
Signs of Life:
I've been privileged to receive an advanced reading copy of Beeconomy: What Women and Bees Can Teach Us about Local Trade and the Global Market, by Dr. Tammy Horn, creator/Director of Coal Country Beeworks, a multi-service project in which surface mine sites are reclaimed with pollinator habitat in eastern Kentucky. Her goal is to reforest with native trees and plants over 30,000 acres of ruined land and to create a honey corridor from Kentucky into West Virginia! Her project also includes workshops in beekeeping, so that bee products can boost the marginal economies of mining communities. I'll publish a full review of her book when it becomes available in November. For now, I just want to celebrate the scholarship, leadership, vision and courage of Tammy Horn, who is definitely a shining Sign of Life! 

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carol culpepper said...

Glad to see you're blogging again.
Be happy child.