Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quote of the Day

Ah! There's nothing like staying home, for real comfort!
--Jane Austen
I spent yesterday afternoon with my neighbor, Linda, sipping tea on the terrace of her lovely home. The tea she had concocted was a blend, subtle and complex, of hibiscus, apple and black pansy syrup. The air was cool and fragrant from the recent rains and we lingered gratefully in the sunlight, chatting and laughing as women do who have found inroads into intimacy. When I returned to my own home, pictured here, I thought what a blessing a home is; how sheltering, welcoming and soothing. May each of your homes be blessed, today and always, with the balm of peace and friendship.

Signs of Life:
Here's a wonderful movement to get acquainted with, the Cookstove Movement! It involves "impact investment," the current trend in economic development in economically depressed areas, where microfinance plus impact development can stimulate change  where both governments and markets fail. Help bring blessings to the homes of women less fortunate than we!  Read about it at:


Anonymous said...

Looks so cozy, Suzan! Susan C.

Anonymous said...

Miss those cozy Monday afternoons by the woodstove in your homey parlour.