Sunday, May 20, 2012

Magic in the Sky

There’s magic in the air, today! Or, more aptly, in the sky. The big news is the solar eclipse in Gemini, happening this afternoon at 4:48 PDT. Eclipses bring in very powerful transformative energies, inaugurating major endings and beginnings of life cycles. And this eclipse squares the dreamy planet Neptune, opening the imagination in a heightened way and creating endless possibilities. This is a big opportunity to release the old in order to create space for new beginnings.

According to astrologer Stephanie Austin:

Light encodes information. Twice a year, the multi-megawatt flows of ultraviolet, infrared, X-ray, and radio waves from our Sun are momentarily blocked by the Moon, affecting the magneto-receptors in our DNA and facilitating the reconfiguration of consciousness. Old programs and pathways dissolve; new templates and archetypes emerge.

Solar eclipses occur close to the same degree every 19 years. The last one in Gemini was on May 21, 1993 and the theory is that something you started that year is cycling to completion now, or possibly spiraling up or down to a new level. To test this theory, I hauled out my journal from 1993. Although the eclipse wasn’t mentioned in it, I had the following dream, just 2 days before the eclipse:

With my friend Mary, I have just completed cleaning out an old house where we are living. It has been stripped to the sub-floor and the plywood covering the walls. Someone asks when we are going to move out, obviously thinking that the place is too barren and austere to be a real home. We, however, are committed to staying there and rebuilding the place and are, in fact, quite excited by the prospect. I have a clear view of the interior: how scrubbed and clean it is; how the corners meet at neat right angles without a trace of dust or debris. We have done our preparations for rebuilding well, and I am pleased.

This dream clearly indicates a readiness for a new cycle of things to begin and, boy howdy! as my friend Howardine used to say, did it ever! In the following 19 years, I left my practice as a certified massage therapist, began teaching creative writing at the prison; went back to school to earn first my masters in art and writing, then my doctorate in depth psychology; began teaching at CSU Stanislaus in the art department, where I created several classes wedding depth psychology with art; saw both my parents through their dying and then settled their estate; wrote 4 complete books--my master’s thesis, doctoral dissertation and 2 novels; painted an entire flat file of large paintings and began selling them; sculpted in both bronze and marble; began running dream groups; traveled in Europe and Mexico several times; got married; underwent a stunningly thorough and surprisingly uncomfortable Kundalini awakening; and survived a wildly difficult second Saturn return. To hit the high spots. Of course, life went niggling on, as well, with its daily demands from mundane details: taking out the garbage, maintaining the car, paying the bills, etc, etc, etc.

Looking back on those 19 years, I wonder if I have the energy or the courage to undertake the next cycle! The last one was a doozy!  Gemini the Twins symbolizes the experience gained through exploring duality. While I’m quite sure there’s plenty of duality still to be explored, I think I’ve got a pretty clear picture, after the last go-around.

I suggest you take some time, today, to contemplate your last 19 year cycle. I hope you’ll allow yourself to be amazed with the amount of support you’ve given, the twistings and turnings you’ve navigated and the advances you’ve made, possibly in the face of true adversity. I’m sure you’ll find that you’ve expended enormous life energy. And if you’re not happy with your summation of the last cycle, then set to work imagining the new one! Life is opening a portal to us all, today, and all that’s required is our willingness to step through.

So, who knows what will transpire during the next round? With Neptune in the mix, we’re all being challenged to imagine and then create the reality that best suits us. If we create with the best and highest good for all concerned uppermost in our minds and hearts, we just might manifest the world we’ve been longing to experience! 

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