Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brava! Bravo! to All Brave Souls

Only his sorrow
is silly enough to sit
crying in the rain

This morning, I received this email from my friend Christie Holliday, from up on the California north coast, near Albion:

i know you'll get a big vicarious thrill out of this because you are the dearlings who pump my ink!! This was a haiku that trickled into my head in the deep brown oaken tongue and groove little classroom of English teacher Miss Bohmfalk at Roland Park Country School!!  hooray for RPCS!

Congratulations! Your haiku been chosen for the second place award in our contest, the attached email enthused. Christie went on to say:

I'm pretty happy about this little award, being a bit lazy about putting anything 'out there'. And I beseeeeeech you to put a little altar up for good health and fortune in my two  performances, one singing a high soprano solo Ave Maria (my throat and sinus have been freaking out since I volunteered for this:-0 )  the other was supposed to be a little flamenco blurb and it morphed into a Carmen/gypsy dance--now that's a stretch, kind of like an "old baby"...:-) so beam your goodwitch angels of illusion and silken vocal folds on me?  Thurs 4/27 -28-29--when these haiku awards are being given, oh well.   ... xoc    :-)))))))

Now, this is the kind of news that really makes my skirt blow up, first thing in the morning! What could be more delightful than to know that my dear friend, Stellar Brave Soul and Creative Sphinx is putting it all out there –singing, dancing, writing and, may I add, healing as a naturopath, too. This little sylph dives into the icy Pacific to harvest seaweed, offers her generous wisdom to all in need of healing, cooks the most incredible vegetarian fare, dresses like a cross between a fashion model and the Good Fairy, and has, I believe, the bewitched feet of the cleaved mermaid.

Brava to Miss Bohmfalk for recognizing talent and wisdom when she sees it! Double BRAVA to Christie for giving herself so generously to life! And brava and bravo to all who refuse to let all of themselves sit sorrowfully in the rain today! Isn’t life the most wonderful adventure?!

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LOL...GREAT post!