Friday, March 23, 2012

Sorry for the Long Absence!

Good morning! I apologize for having been absent from my blog for so long. A snow storm took out my internet connection last Saturday. My genius friend and neighbor, John Van Dam, got me up and running again, late yesterday. It’s been quite a week: my birthday dinner, Saturday night; my actual birthday on Monday; a spectacle of snow, wind and sun; the arrival of a mud-crusted pitbull pup; and a bat swooping through. Tomorrow, I’ll tell the tale. For today, I have over 500 emails pulsing menacingly, awaiting answers. So, until tomorrow, Happy Spring, a little belatedly, and have a great day!

Signs of Life:

Here's something to consider:

It is our pleasure to share with you some LAST MINUTE surprises that have happened to our SUMMIT . VIP GUEST the following young lady: MISS TEEN CANADA - NAKITA KOHAN. Nakitas bio is on the website:

SUMMIT of Women Leaders that Care - MARCH 24

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JOIN US and meet Nakita at our after party, and she will be there for all our Youth, to share, smile and have FUN on Saturday at the OISE BUILDING, U of T, TORONTO.



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