Thursday, July 5, 2012

Morning Garden

 It may have been Independence Day but David and I worked like Trojan slaves in the gardens, yesterday. His focus is practical: he mounded potatoes, made teepees for the beans and watered his extensive vegetable crops. My focus is aesthetic: I planted a new bed of flowers and pots of geraniums and nasturtiums, washed the pillows and coverings for the outdoor furniture and generally fussed about.

This morning dawned cool and breezy and my first impulse was to go back to the garden, to survey our handiwork. The dawning light was so beautiful that I ran for my camera. The resulting photos are my gift to you, so that you can dip in and sip a bit of this tranquility, the way the bees are just rousing to do.

The geraniums I transplanted haven’t wilted down a bit. That freshly plumped chair was so inviting that I sat there to have my breakfast.

The iron bunny looks well pleased with his surroundings, this morning.

I couldn’t bear to cart the seed heads of the angelica and kale off to the compost heap. So I stuck them in the ash bucket that works so hard during the winter months, giving it a more glorified function for the summer.

The Lilies of the Nile are just on the verge of blooming.

 The nicotiana is bursting like belated 4th of July fireworks.

The new babies look perfectly content.

The honeysuckle is luring several kinds of bees, including big black carpenter bees as big as the end of my thumb. They look exotic, in their shiny black armor, against the foofy petals.

The scabiosa and Echinacea are happily commingling.

And the fur children are sweetly at peace, as witness Sophia’s first cat nap of the day.

 It was harder to get a picture of Mac, since he was sitting on my lap in a little doggy meditation.

Blessings of the day to all! I hope it’s a bloomin’ beautiful one!


Anonymous said...

I will be moving in shortly. Susan C.

BookBagLady said...

Such a beautiful garden you have. Looks very peaceful and tranquil. Somewhere I could easily sit and sip my tea! Thanks for sharing your photos.

Love ya.