Saturday, June 2, 2012

Off to the Farmer's Market

I'm off to the farmer's market, this morning, and so grateful for the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables available there. The farmers and gardeners work hard to bring this wonderful produce to us and I like to support their efforts. It's also fun to connect with friends who I usually only see in the produce aisles of Savemart, during the winter. The farmer's market is one of the healthiest growth edges of our community or, I assume, of any community lucky enough to have one. It represents the re-establishment of an ages-old tradition that dates back into the mists of pre-history. The reasons go beyond the primary one of obtaining food. The passing of information, creation of alliances and strengthening of a sense of community are all part of it. Wherever you are, if you're within striking distance of a farmer's market, I hope you'll give it a whirl. Oh! and here's another benefit: since David and I started eating only organic foods three years ago, we've haven't been sick at all. No flu, colds, nothing. So for the sake of your health and for the joy of community, I hope you'll get out and support your local farmers, today. You'll be supporting yourself, too!

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