Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where can I buy this Book?

Commune of women by Suzan Still is available at AmazonBorders, and BookDepository.Com
It is published by Fiction Studio publishers. For a description and excerpts, visit their website.


Melanie Stewart said...

I have a question?
Who is your favorite character and why?

Suzan said...

Hi Melanie,
That's a hard question. I've lived so deeply into each of the characters in Commune of Women, it's hard to choose. Sometimes, it's Pearl, the half-Choctaw, half-black, ancient bag lady. She's independent as a hog on ice, feisty, pithy, and her almost 100 years of experience have made her wise. Sometimes, it's Ondine, the dreamy artist, who lives in a paradise of color, texture and form and whose home on the Atlantic seaboard of France is a dreamscape of beauty. Heddi is certainly a contender, too, with her brilliant mind, razor wit and worldly ways. I like the fierceness of Erika and the emotional and imaginative qualities of Betty. And Najat is a powerful little warrior woman, filled with communal concern and pride. On any given day, depending, I suppose, on my mood, one or another of these women speaks to me. Is that a cop-out? LOL! OK. In the final analysis, if I could change places with any one of these characters, it would be Ondine. I'd go off and live in Tante Collette's house by the sea, Quatre Vents, to paint and sculpt and write. And to create more favorite characters!